Why hire a Roofing Company, and not do it yourself?

In the last post, we explained some of the steps that a homeowner or DIY’er should go through before installing their own roof. To recap, the three things that we would recommend would be: Speak to a solid roofer in your area, Read a Roofing installation book, or watch a Youtube video on the subject. There are many resources out there for any Average Joe to learn how to install a roof, or really do any fixes and installations around the house. Just make sure you perform your due diligence before making any decisions on what you are doing.

Today, we would like to focus on why you should hire a roofer. We will list five reasons, but there are many more you should consider. For a full list, we recommend going to Google and typing in ‘Why I should hire a roofer’. Again, the wealth of resources that the internet has today is incredible, and you can find just about anything that you are looking for in regards to roofing there.

Our reasons for hiring a roofer:

  1. They have been installing roofs for a very long time (typically). Read: They know what they are doing. Not everyone takes the time to perfect their craft, but if you own a roofing company, and you want to be the very best in your area, you are very skilled at what you do. Roofing companies know the ins and outs of installing roofs, and it doesn’t take them very long to tear off your roof and install a completely new roof.
  2. They are insured (don’t hire a roofing company if they are not insured). If anything happens to any of the workers while they are on your roof, you don’t have to pay anything at all to the roofing company for the injury of loss of life. Also, your roof should be insured, or warrantied, for a certain number of years, and you should check with each roofer before you hire them about what their insurance or warranty information is.
  3. They will install drip edge, or metal flashing to protect your edging. This is a step that most homeowners forget to do when they have completed their own roofing project, and it will greatly damage your roof if not done properly.
  4. They will protect your gutters. Most roofing companies have ladders that have extensions to protect your gutters. Or roofing companies will take your gutters off, and re-install them when they are done installing your roof.
  5. They will dispose of all your roofing waste. This is a HUGE task for homeowners…Renting a dumpster, and hauling all the materials into the dumpster after completing the job. Roofing companies and experts will tell you that this is the biggest pain (besides finding good labor) that they have to deal with as a roofing company.

We spoke with our friends at Westminster Roofing Pros out in Colorado, and they have been adamant to not let homeowners complete their roofing replacements without consulting a qualified roofer first.

Those are just six reasons to hire a solid roofing company. There are assuredly many great companies in your area, so check out some reviews or make some calls before hiring any of them!

We know a couple of roofing companies, so reach out to us if you need help finding one!

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