Saving your Money – Good or Bad idea?

When it comes to saving money on your roof, is that a good or bad idea? Only you can determine that, but our experience is that most of the time, it’s a very bad idea. We’re not going to tell homeowners that they can’t do certain roofing jobs by themselves. That of course depends on your level of skill and attention to detail. We have seen so many homeowners that are very skilled carpenters, and they have more than enough knowledge to add a roof to their house without an expert helping them. Some people can pick up roof repair or roof replacement from watching a video, or by reading a book. Some simply can not. The typical Do It Yourself expert will spend more money fixing things in the long run than they would if they would have spent more money and hired a bona fide roofer.

Roofing is a pretty simple job, but if it’s not done correctly, and all the steps aren’t done in the right order, homeowners will compromise the integrity of their roof. This post is designed to give the homeowner the requisite knowledge that you should just complete all the steps in order to secure your roof, and give you a few easy reminders about what it takes to do so.

    1. Consult with a roof professional before you install your own roof. You could pay a roofer for their time for an hour during the slow season, and ask them questions about installing roofs. If they are not busy, most of them would gladly let them pay you for their time if you insist on doing the job yourself. Roofers always want to do the job themselves, but they are not delusional enough to think that only they can perform a roof replacement.
    2. Read a book. There are plenty of books out there that will tell you exactly what to do in order to install a roof. Some may be more complicated, but others will be easy to understand. We recommend ‘The Complete Guide to Home Roofing Installation & Maintenance – How to Do it Yourself and Avoid the 60 Ways your Roofer can Nail You’. This book nails down the basics step by step, and also gives you some great advice on if you hire a roofer to do the job for you.
    3. Watch a Youtube Video: The below video is a good start

This video explains how to tear off the roof, and shows you some things that you will need to know, but you will also have to dig much deeper, and learn much more. As you can see in the video, and the narrator explains, you will have to plan ahead and understand the basics about tearing off a roof before you can even think about installing your own roof. Things like tar paper are a very important thing to consider when replacing a roof, so make sure you know what you are getting into.

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